Thursday, May 28, 2009

Guest Blogging Update

Despite my incoherence and the confusing way I went about this guest blogging thing, yesterday's proposal is going better than expected. But I still need (or want) one more guest blogger. So to help anyone who's keeping track keep track, here's the update.
Anna Russell: Chess
Diary of a Mad Bathroom: Wine Tasting
Erin: Pie Eating
The Bumbles: Swimsuit
FrankenFinger and Barb: Whatever they want of what remains.
So Barb, FrankenFinger, and the mysterious person who's totally going to volunteer after they read this, because they want nothing more than to write a paragraph for an utterly pointless blog, here's what remains: Fighting, Racing, and Archery.
For those of you who have signed up already, no rush on getting me your paragraph, but just to set some sort of deadline, why don't we say by next Monday at the latest?

For those of you who have no clue what's going on, please see yesterday's post (and my comments in that post, if the post still doesn't explain it to you). Basically, one of the competitions suggested for this blog's hypothetical battles was Men Vs. Women, and I'm asking readers to guest blog that one instead of me being the judge as usual. Hopefully, a total of seven readers will contribute, each taking a section (the things listed above) of the battle. It turns out I made this more confusing that it needed to be, so if you don't exactly get it, just ask, and I'd be happy to try to explain. Thanks.


  1. I'M IN!
    But just tell me what I'm doing. Oh, and when I need to do it by.

  2. Ugh. I missed the boat. I'm a boat missin' Em-Effer.

  3. Kristine: Great! I'll let you know as soon as I know.
    Kurt: It happens. No worries. I'm sure I'll do this, or something like it soon enough, so there will be other boats. And those boats will have an open bar and free shrimp appetizers.

  4. Cool, I'll get to work on it.

    *points at Kurt and laughs*

  5. Could I have Archery, please.

  6. Anna: Sweet.
    Barb: Archery is all yours. Good luck, it's a weird one to write...unless you're an archer, I guess.
    Bumbles: Awesome. I look forward to sering it soon.

  7. I would love to do Racing. Mostly because I'm very interested in seeing what Kristine does with Fighting! She is a Master, you know.

  8. Franken: Sweet. Racing it is.
    And Kristine has fighting, and I agree, it'll be interesting to see how she handles that.

  9. Shit, this is a lot of pressure. I haven't had to use my jiu-jitsu skills in DECADES. Also, Walter, I'm emailing you because I'm still confused. :(