Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Guest Blogging Anyone?

No, I'm not taking a vacation. I have much lazier motives for my guest blogging offer.
There are a lot of competitions lined up, and more come in each week. On top of that, I haven't given much opportunity for reader participation on my blog. So here's the solution: I give you guys a competition to guest write. Reader participation and two competitions down in one week.
Because writing an entire competition is an ass in the pain, each guest blogger will write just one of the contests for a competion. So for the competition there will be seven guest bloggers: one per contest, and I'll take care of the intro and conclusion (unless someone really wants those, in which case I'd be happy to hand them over). So basically, you pick a particular contest, write that up, send it my way, and I'll put them all together into a competition. It's not much work on your part, and it gives seven people the chance to guest blog instead of just one.
The competition I picked from the line up is Men Vs. Women. It's universal, and by putting this one on you, it let's me completely avoid the whole sexism thing.
If you're interested, leave a comment or, better yet, shoot me an email with your top two choices for a contest to write (Fighting, Racing, Swimsuit, Chess, Pie Eating, Archery, and Wine Tasting). It'll be on a first come first serve basis for writing in general and getting the contest you want (since I'm sure I'll just be flooded with emails. Or not). But yeah, before writing anything, let me know what you want to write in case someone else has already done it.
And hey if this works out well, it might be a more regular occurrence.
Cool? Sweet. Let's do this, bitches. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to call you bitches, that was rude. Let's do this, not-bitches.
Also, I'll still be posting my own regularly scheduled competition on the weekend as always.

P.S. If you find this confusing, please see my comments below. In two of them (to Anna and Mandy) I tried my best to re-explain this as best I could. Sorry about how confusing it ended up being.


  1. Oh, this sounds like fun! I'd like to give it a go. Not sure who I want to compete though - first thing that comes to mind is Batman vs Superman, but would that be too repetitive when you've already done the JLA/Avengers one?

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  3. Sorry, Anna. I fear that I wasn't clear. Hell yeah that rhymes.
    So the way I was thinking about is that you'd all do the Men Vs. Women competition and each person would pick one of the seven contests in a competition to write. So like say you picked racing, you'd write how the race between men and women would go. Someone else would write the pie eating, another the chess, so and so forth. I'd collect all of them, and put them together into one full competition of Men Vs. Women with seven guest bloggers (on per contest, or section)
    But that said, I'd also definitely be down to have you (or anyone else) write an entire post on your own of whatever topic you choose, if that's how you'd rather do it. And if so, I think Batman Vs. Superman is solid. It's a classic, and needs to be done. I'm suprised it hasn't come up yet.
    We could also mix the two, and have the compeition be Bats Vs. Supes but still stick with each person writing a little bit of it.
    So just let me know what you prefer. And sorry for the confusion; I probably picked a complicated way of doing this, but I figured since these posts are so long, it'd be nice to divy it up, and it'd also allow more people to guest blog.

  4. Ok, my bad, I obviously got confused there! Could I take Chess?

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  6. Anna: Chess is yours. And no worries, so I wasn't too clear. Also, I am still totalyl down for you guest writing a Batman Vs. Superman (or another post) if you'd. And thanks!
    DG: Great! Thanks! How about we say wine tasting, then? But since no one has asked for either yet, let me know if you'd rather do swimsuits

  7. Hey Walter - great idea. I am happy to do any of them, so maybe I could do the one that you don't get any takers for. Surprise me!

  8. Am I the only half-wit in the building? I don't get it.

  9. Hi Mandy,
    No, not at all. It seems I made this infintely more complicated than I'd intended.
    So for all the normal readers who can't read my mind, I'm going try to reexplain it.
    1. You (meaning the people who read my blog) will write a post.
    2. My posts are divided into 7 mini sections (fighting, racing, wine tasting, etc.) so instead of each guest blogger writing a whole gigantic post, you'll just write one of those mimi sections.
    3. The competition is on Men Vs. Women. So whatever section you have, you'll be deciding if men or women are better at it. Example: "Men totally suck at chess because they're all idiots, so women win chess." And that would be what you submit.
    4. Hopefully enough people agree to do it, and we got a whole competition from all those mini sections. If not, I can fill in the blanks.
    5. It ends up being one post about Men Vs. Women with seven guest bloggers, a new one for each mini section.

    Man, I made this one hard to understand. Next time I'll go with just a straight up guest blog of your choice, but I've already started this thing so I'm sticking to it in all it's confusingness. Sorry, everyone!

  10. And Barb,
    That's great. Thanks. I'll let you know in couple days (or however long this takes) what's left. Thanks again.

  11. I'm in if you have a section left?
    What a fun Idea.

  12. Franken: Great! We've still got fighting, racing, and archery. Any of those sound interesting?
    Erin: Done. It's yours.
    Bumbles: Awesome! It's all yours. Just send it in an email as soon as you have it done. Thanks!

  13. Hi Walter,

    This sounds like a fun idea! Unfortunately, I didn't come over here to volunteer, not this time anyway, but I might totally be up for doing one of these in the future.

    I just wanted to let you know that I have a blog award for you at my blog. I know people sometimes feel weird about the meme-y aspect of these awards, so don't worry about carrying on the tradition as it were if you don't want to, but I just wanted to let you know it was there.