Friday, May 29, 2009

Guest Blogger Final Update

Here it is, peoples, the final list of guest bloggers. Man, this is the most frequently I've posted since this blog was started, and none of it involves me saying things like "Monkeys are sexy in bathing suits" and "They eat less pies than an anorexic in a hunger protest."
Anna Russell: Chess
Diary of a Mad Bathroom: Wine Tasting
Erin: Pie Eating
The Bumbles: Swimsuit
FrankenFinger: Racing
Barb: Archery
Kristine: Fighting
Thanks to everyone who agreed to help out. Let's do this shit!


  1. Hi Walter, the email link won't work for me (this is a common thing). Could you drop me a mail please, and I will respond to it with the archery part. Thanks!
    barb dot ettridge at gmail dot com